The Role of Video in Real-Time Communications.

My name is Rob Brown, I’m managing partner of Rule 5, a PR and digital communications agency. I’m also Vice President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in the UK.

At the heart of PR lies language, and language is changing. I don’t just mean the natural evolution of language; I am referring to something much larger and more fundamental than that. We are moving incrementally away from text-based communication to more visual exchanges. Emoji’s may be a fad but they represent the visualisation of feelings, emotions and responses. Even though they may appear trivial, they are a visual form of communication supplanting text.

The consumption of video may even be the biggest change. The figures are breath-taking: YouTube has five billion video views a day and Facebook counts a similar number for YouTube videos. Views of Facebook video may double that amount and these views are more than doubling every year. Traditional media, such as newspapers, are increasingly desperate for video content. Editorial decisions are driven by online statistics, views, eyeballs. And the analytics are irrefutable, the fact is video drives views. Now that most people have the means to access video content in their pockets, why wouldn’t they watch it multiple times per day and wherever they are?

The message for PR professionals is clear: press releases and email remain valuable. Images are still not going away, but there is an inexorable rise in video content. It is a lexicon we must understand and adopt. The costs of producing compelling video are falling dramatically. You can shoot in slow motion on an iPhone, there are apps that provide professional looking motion stabilisation and simple editing programmes are universally available at low cost or even for free. It’s possible to shoot, edit, and publish video using just your phone so real-time video is now a reality. PR has never had a more pivotal role in communications. Change doesn’t stop and video is the future, for the time being.

PR is Key this year is about real-time PR, and video is at the heart of the new tools and technologies that are reshaping communications. At the event you’ll learn how the communications time frame has been squeezed to the extent that messages information can be shared instantly. Anyone attending will get to hear from experts sharing experience and insight. It’s also a great opportunity to Network.