The added value of online data for PR

Alexander de Ruiter


My 21 years of experience in the world of customer service and sales provide me with the knowledge to improve online customer contact and online business intelligence. As co-founder of OBI4wan, the solution for online and offline monitoring, webcare, data analysis, social analytics and content publishing, we help our clients getting the best results out of online and offline data on minute by minute basis. During the PR is Key event I will dive into the world of reputation management.

The growing impact of social media platforms means it is becoming increasingly important to have an immediate insight into messages about your organization, competition and the market. Not only from a marketing and communication perspective, but also to drive PR. The reputation of your organization, brand or product is determined by multiple factors, like customer focus, communication, and the quality of service or product. But it is also influenced by the set of information circulating online, that can be found by any potential customer. It is therefore important to harvest and analyze this information that is available to you.

How can your reputation be measured by the data we have from social media and other online sources? Why is it important to monitor broader than your own business, for example by monitoring your competitors and the buzz within your market? And how can you translate these insights into actions that make your brand stronger? During this session, I will share my knowledge about reputation management.

Come to PR is Key to get inspired about rapid developments in technology and the market of public relations and communication.
I’m looking forward to share some knowledge. See you at the 20th of April in B. Amsterdam!