From Public Relations to Personal Relations

Public relations. We of course all know the abbreviation PR, for which it stands. But, shouldn't we start calling it Personal Relations? When you look that definition up in the dictionary, you get the following explanation:

'Close connections between people, formed by emotional bonds and interactions. These bonds often grow from and are strengthened by mutual experiences'

Through the digital transformation that we have been witnessing over the last two decades, we're also seeing the transformation of the term PR. What used to be upholding and nurturing the professional image of your brand or company towards target groups is now changing into a more personal approach.

Online technology and tools enabled us to connect with our prospects and clients on an individual level. Obviously, the value of that opportunity was immense. Developing a personal relationship with prospects lays the foundation for a loyal and rewarding client base. So, we’ve been actively monitoring and tweaking our online presence and social media channels.

Real time PR seems to be the next step: using existing conversation, trends and activity to connect to our target groups. Doing so, we not only connect on a personal level, but we play into that age-old adage of providing the right information at the right time. It is now time to grow from some real-time experiments and simple 'newsjacking' to a more structured approach. It requires a clear mindset, room to manoeuvre (after all, you’ve lost the moment if every message, video or tweet needs to be approved in threefold first) and the ability to get your content right. That last part is even more important than getting it out quickly. We all know examples of horribly failed social campaigns..

After all, we're all fighting for attention. You better come out on top.

The PR is Key event provides you with the tools, inspiration and knowledge to take that step from traditional public relations to real time personal relations. It is my pleasure to welcome you on April 20th in Amsterdam. I will see you there!