From Paper to Digital Media

Jeroen Goeman Borgesius - De Perslijst

I started my PR-career in the age of envelopes and stamps, three Martini lunches and one week press trips for clients such as Walt Disney World and Club Med.Today my clients expect 8 millisecond response time from our database, 1.800 e-mails delivered in under 5 minutes and online results delivered minutes after they are posted on a blog or website.

PR is still key, only its shape has changed. Reporters have swapped their notepads for tablets, readers are going from paper to digital ink and 15-years old schoolgirls are the ones who decide what is going to be the new make-up of choice.

Real time means right now and live broadcasts are not brought to you by ABC or CNN but from a smartphone with an app.

Our PR database now features more digital media than traditional media and it happened in the blink of an eye. It started with LinkedIn, Twitter and websites. Soon followed by Facebook, blogs and a little later Instagram.

Our e-mail system is also in constant change to make sure the press releases our clients send respond to the changing needs of the media.Five years ago most e-mail was read when the reporter was sitting behind his desktop. Today our research firm reported that 70% of the reporters use their smartphone to read press releases.

In the age of the envelope you did not even know if your press release had arrived. Today we even let you know how fast the email was opened and if the attachment was opened. We also tell you know the best time to send e-mail and between which hours most journalists open their e-mail on a Wednesday.

Real time is here and it’s not going anywhere