Creating an Agile PR environment

S├ębastien Willems


PR people get into stressful situations. Not only because they need to represent their companies in times of crisis, but because there are a lot of corporate processes that keep them from doing their job. While other departments are streamlined endlessly, the PR department often keeps hitting the same walls. It’s not only embarrassing, it also prevents Real-Time PR from happening. That’s why my session will be focused on ways to create an agile PR environment, ready for Real-Time PR.

Most of the time, a big part of the problem is the lack of strategic commitment from management. That’s why PR professionals should spend more time on positioning their department within the company and build strong internal relationships. Not only will it align management (and possibly increase budget), it can also control crises and improve the flow of information. Throughout my talk, I will share a number of ways to work towards those long-term goals. The best thing is that you can start really small!

On an operational level, most PR departments are still stuck in old systems and not using data to their advantage like marketing and sales are doing. PR is at the bottom of the list of most IT departments and PR people struggle with choosing the right solutions. So what are the basic principles to follow when creating an agile PR environment? How can you leverage new technologies and be ready for the future? Hard questions that I will break down for you with practical guidelines and solutions.

After last year’s successful event on crisis communications, I am looking forward to this next edition of PR is Key. It’s a great way to learn about the evolving PR industry and connect with peers. See you there!